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ISSN: 2300-102X.

The rapidly growing interest in inflammasomes with its exceptionally wide spectrum of signaling functions in health and disease makes the launching of a new journal devoted to inflammasomes attractive and timely. The inflammasome was first identified as a multi-protein molecular scaffold responsible for the tightly controlled and coordinated activation of inflammatory caspase-1 and the processing of proinflammatory cytokines of the IL-1 family, such as pro-IL-1β. The activation of NLR (Nucleotide binding and Leucine rich repeats Receptor) family members and PYHIN (Pyrin and HIN domain) proteins drive the formation of inflammasomes in different physiological and pathophysiological conditions. This knowledge has been translated into clinics in the treatment of Cryopyrin Associated Periodic Syndromes (CAPS), with the development of highly selective drugs targeting IL-1 signaling. However, due to the significance of inflammasomes in different pathologies, we have a long way ahead to translate this knowledge into the treatment and diagnosis of other diseases. Inflammasome is an open access journal devoted to the rapid publication of works of wide significance and originality in all areas of the growing field of NLR family members and PYHIN proteins, which activation drive the formation of inflammasomes. The journal's main area of interest resides both basic molecular mechanisms and clinical significance of inflammasomes as well as related signaling.

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