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Future Virology
Future Virol

ISSN (printed): 1746-0794. ISSN (electronic): 1746-0808.

Mankind has been at the mercy of viral diseases for millennia. In the current virologic landscape, research is expanding at an unprecedented rate. The fields of virology and genomic research have been closely linked for many years; the first whole genome to be sequenced was viral in origin – bacteriophage phi X174, in 1977. Since then, many more viral genomes have been mapped, and with the human genome also available, it is now possible to determine viral–host interactions during infection. This has consequently provided a complete catalogue of potential antiviral targets to be researched. The advent of the HIV pandemic led to a dramatic increase in research in the field of rational drug design, resulting in the large number of antiviral drugs and vaccines entering clinical trials today. The development of drug-resistant mutants and the emergence of new viruses (such as SARS coronavirus and avian influenza H5N1 – a virus with pandemic potential) are adding additional burdens to the already time-constrained virology community. The need to move swiftly in the event of a new disease outbreak makes it essential for the virologist to keep up-to-date with all key advances. Future Virology (ISSN: 1746-0794) provides an interdisciplinary forum for all scientists working in the field today.

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