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Costruzioni Psicoanalitiche / Psychoanalytic Constructions

ISSN (printed): 1721-9612. ISSN (electronic): 1972-5744.

Cooperative Icarus 2000's Institute of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy was established to provide a wide-ranging response to various recent processes of social transformation. Nowadays, the demand for psychoanalytic psychotherapy comes from social classes that were previously excluded from it, a fact which has led psychoanalysis to a process of self-reflection in an attempt to find suitable responses to the demands posed by these new social subjects. Over the years, the Institute has instigated initiatives geared towards meeting such demands, as well as organising many cultural activities and seminars, all designed to promote debate and discussion within the psychoanalytic community. The journal Psychoanalytic Constructions serves as a debating forum for studies on topics, which while taking psychoanalysis as their starting point, have developed in different directions, embracing fields not always strictly related to therapy, but which address society, and its transformations, from a wide-ranging perspective. The title comes from Construction in analysis, a work by Freud, and was chosen to emphasize its psychoanalytic perspective, a perspective that favours hypothetical reasoning over textual hermeneutics. As an expression of the activities that characterize the Institute, the journal is aimed not only at an audience of specialists, but also at those interested in debating the problems of contemporary culture, at readers who are willing to reflect on topics and their theoretical and practical social implications from a psychoanaltyically-based perspective. The journal has a large team of authors. These include members of the Institute as well as many people who are active in contemporary culture and have contributed in different ways to seminars and initiatives promoted by the Institute. This latter category includes representatives from different fields who cover a range of social issues. There are also those who, having had the opportunity (through the magazine or in others way) to connect with the ideas expressed by the Institute, would like to make a constructive contribution, to help keep alive a debate that we would like to remain open and full of stimuli.

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