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Cognitive Science Quarterly
Cognit Sci Q

ISSN: 1466-6553.

Cognitive Science Quarterly (CSQ) publishes original work in cognitive science, including basic as well as applied research spanning the whole field of: empirical analysis (for example, experiments in psychology and neurobiology), formal theory and analysis (as used in logic, linguistics, philosophy, etc.), computational synthesis (mechanisms and implemented models, employing symbol structures, neural networks, or other means of modelling), and applications of cognitive science (in industry, education, and other domains). Special emphasis will be given, however, to articles that attempt an integration of methodologies and disciplines. Articles from the traditional disciplines are also welcome if they are relevant to cognitive science in general, or have implications that transcend disciplinary boundaries. The bottom line is that CSQ wants to publish original work of relevance to cognitive science as a whole. CSQ recognises the full scope of cognitive science, comprising parts of psychology and neuroscience, linguistics and philosophy, computer science (AI), and real-world applications. Analysis and synthesis of cognitive systems is another way to describe the aim and scope of CSQ: Analysis of cognition in people and animals, including cognitive neuroscience, Synthesis of cognition in agents and robots, as well as, Analysis and synthesis of cognition in workgroups and human-computer systems. Articles may address any topic in cognitive science, e.g., learning and adaptation, perception and action control, knowledge representation and acquisition, thinking, reasoning, and problem solving, language and communication, cognitive ergonomics, and many others. Articles may focus on any level of analysis, be it individual agents (or subsystems of these), groups, or even cultural or evolutionary units, or be it cognitive tools, natural language and other media of communication. We welcome work that is crossing levels of abstraction (e.g., symbolic-subsymbolic, individual-group, functional level-implementation, theory-application). CSQ recognises that the success of cognitive science as a scientific endeavour is complemented by successful applications of our theories to real-world problems.Applications to real problems also generate important data, and requirements, for theoretical development. Therefore, CSQ will also address applied research in all fields: training and instruction, knowledge management and decision support, work organisation and human-computer interaction, groupware, etc., and especially encourage reports on innovative applications. CSQ will accept submissions from all over the world and hopes to find its readers everywhere. Being based in Europe, it also attempts to bring European research together and integrate it into the international cognitive science community.

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