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Psychology, Evolution & Gender
Psychol Evol Gend

ISSN (printed): 1461-6661. ISSN (electronic): 1470-1073.

This new journal breaks fresh academic ground, with its incisive and critical standpoint towards the evolution of 'gendered' behaviours and experiences, including gender roles, gender differences and gender relations. Psychology, Evolution & Gender aims to advance the application of psychological knowledge at its interface with gender through developing critical perspectives on traditional psychology. It seeks to challenge the academic impasse that stifles debate between feminist psychologists and evolutionary psychologists. The journal stimulates discussion between psychology and other related disciplines, drawing on social, constructionist and biological psychology standpoints. It also energises debate between academics and practitioners concerned with gendered differences and behaviours, from both feminist and evolutionary perspectives. Topics covered include- The medicalisation of gender Women, biology and the legal system Women and sport Evolutionary and feminist understandings of patriarchy The gendered body The myth of the material instinct Tthe trouble with fathers Sexual behaviours Gender and health Gender and the expression of emotions Psychology, Evolution & Gender includes contributions from cognitive, evolutionary, developmental, biological, social and feminist psychology research and scholarship. It also welcomes contributions from practitioners in occupational, clinical, health, educational, counselling and psychotherapeutic psychology, and from those in associated disciplines. Each issue is fully peer refereed and contains academic papers, commentaries, and book and journal reviews. Discontinued - now Sexualities, Evolution & Gender.

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