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Journal of Bioeconomics

ISSN (printed): 1387-6996. ISSN (electronic): 1573-6989.

Often considered the first professor of economics Thomas Robert Malthus was credited by both Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace for crucial insights in their discoveries of the idea of natural selection. There once was considerable communication between economists and biologists but over time the two fields grew apart. We now observe that they seem to be converging again. Though the subjects are different there are many similarities and much overlap between the disciplines. Both biology and economics deal with competition be it in the form of the struggle for existence or of competition for scarce resources used for individually preferred ends. Economic theory offers optimization techniques as a powerful tool for analysing the outcome of adaptive processes in nature. Evolutionary biology provides a wide range of concepts and tools for studying the dynamics of recombination selection and growth processes. A mutual exchange of ideas and tools may stimulate new insights and hypotheses in both disciplines. Indeed evolutionary game theory is but one example of how biology and economics have jointly developed new approaches that point to the existence of analogous structures in both fields. As a result of these similarities there have been a number of papers written by biologists on economics and by economists on biology. The Journal of Bioeconomics to be published in association with the International Society for Bioeconomics will encourage alternative approaches and creative dialogues between biologists and economists and facilitate the transfer of concepts and tools in both direction. Within economics the journal welcomes different paradigms and schools of thought including game theory evolutionary economics institutional economics law-and-economics public choice theory behavioral and ecological economics feminist economics theories of entrepreneurship etc. Within biology the journal welcomes contributions from evolutionary biology systematic biology behavioral ecology ethology paleobiology paleontology sociobiology etc. We also want to be open to scholarly discussions from persons interested in various bioeconomic topics (ethnicity and gender roles) as well as topics in cognitive science neuroscience evolutionary psychology epistemology and ethics. The Journal of Bioeconomics will be published on a quarterly schedule. All papers will be reviewed through the standard anonymous referee procedure and all accepted manuscripts will be subject to the review of the editors and international advisory editorial board. The journal will commit itself to a timely response.

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