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Jewish History
Jew Hist

ISSN (printed): 0334-701X. ISSN (electronic): 1572-8579.

Jewish History the sole English language publication devoted exclusively to history and the Jews pursues the goal of expanding the limits of historical writing concerning the Jews. Founded to promote innovative research and writing within the canons of recognized historical study Jewish History is now well into its second decade. During the past fifteen years Jewish History has pursued its stated goal by reexamining such questions as the rabbinic concept of time the nature of Jewish humanism in the Renaissance as a prelude to modernity myths of communal origin the stimuli underlying Jewish family structure conversion in modern society women as moulders of social patterns and the Jew within the overall structure of medieval canon law. Social history too has been narratively retold: narrative and gender examined from new perspectives. The catholicity of the list of Jewish History 's contributors attests to its continuing necessity and function. Jewish History has been called the "leading academic journal for the study of the history of Jewish civilization published in English... [ which ] has emerged as a critical forum among historians of all periods of Jewish history and with differing methodologies and perspectives. It regularly publishes original and fresh scholarly approaches critical and highly useful book reviews and always seems to be on the cutting edge of new and important developments in the field. Jewish History ... has a unique voice in modern Jewish scholarship and is required reading for anyone interested in exploring the Jewish historical past. "(David Ruderman CJS University of Pennsylvania). In recent years Jewish History has devoted issues to specific subjects. Forthcoming issues will probe the contemporary Jewish community primarily in the United States the Jewish press and comparative questions of Jewish acculturation in different societies the Jewish image in the late medieval and early modern periods and the impact of the Chmielnicki revolt on Polish Jewish history. Jewish History invites contributions from those writing in the field of history but also ancillary fields such as art literature sociology and anthropology where their work and that of history proper cross paths. Jewish History also invites interested authors who would care to organize forums serving as Guest Editors and Guest Co-Editors to submit proposals. Lengthy review essays are also welcome at author initiative. Those interested in reviewing books are asked to send in their names and field(s) of expertise.

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