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International Journal of Immunopharmacology
Int J Immunopharm

ISSN: 0192-0561.

As a guide to journal policy and coverage the following research areas are among those considered by the International Journal of Immunopharmacology:(i) Clinical studies employing immunotheraphy of any type including the use of: bacterial and chemical agents; thymic hormones, interferon, lymphokines, etc., in transplantation and diseases such as cancer, immunodeficiency, chronic infection and allergic, inflammatory or autoimmune disorders.(ii) Studies of the action of these agents on specific parameters of immune competence as well as on the overall clinical state. (iii)Pre-clinical animal studies and in vitro studies of mechanism with immunopotentiators, immunomodulators, immunoadjuvants and other pharmacological agents active on cells participating in immune or allergic responses.(iv) Studies of the nature and function of drug and hormone receptors on lymphocytes and other cells of the immune system.(v) The use of drugs and other chemicals as tools in investigating the nature and role of various components of the immune response.(vi) Drug pharmacokinetic studies in which an attempt is made to relate observed pharmacokinetic and immunological parameters. (vii) Studies on the role of lymphocytes and other cells of the immune system in the biotransformation of xenobiotics (i.e. drugs and other chemicals foreign to the body).(viii) Classical pharmacological studies of the effects of lymphokines and other chemotactic substances released during immunological reactions. (ix) The use of antibodies as pharmacological tools and therapeutic agents (e.g. drug receptor studies, treatment of drug overdose).(x) Immunotoxicology. Studies of the adverse effects of xenobiotics (including food additives, environmental pollutants, etc.) on the immune system.(xi) The development of immunologically based assays and their application to disease, including assays for drugs, hormones, cyclic nucleotides, tumor antigents, etc. As of 2001, merged into International Immunopharmacology

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