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ISSN (printed): 0161-1194. ISSN (electronic): 1558-1586.

Cryptologia is the only scholarly journal in the world dealing with the history, the technology, and the effect of the most important form of intelligence in the world today – communications intelligence. It fosters the study of all aspects of cryptology -- technical as well as historical and cultural. The journal's articles have broken many new paths in intelligence history. They have told for the first time how a special agency prepared information from codebreaking for President Roosevelt, have described the ciphers of Lewis Carroll, revealed details of Hermann Goering's wiretapping agency, published memoirs – written for it -- of some World War II American codebreakers, disclosed how American codebreaking affected the structure of the United Nations, translated from the Arabic portions of the world's first texts on cryptanalysis and from the German a study of Nazi cryptanalysis, printed an archivally-based article on a hitherto-unknown area: German Western-Front codebreaking in World War I, reprinted Winston Churchill's 1920s pleading to be given intercepts, and many many others. The journal has published a speech by the head of the National Security Agency, the nation's codebreaking and codemaking organization that is larger than the CIA, and an analysis of the government-proposed national Data Encryption Standard. Technical articles analyzed the cryptosystems generated by cipher machines, including the famous Enigma, using algebra and have reported the solution of historical cryptograms. They have explained the linguistic basis of the Navajo language used by codetalkers in the Pacific and how digital communications can conceal illustrations or “watermarks” that authenticate the source. One article demonstrated the inadequacy of ciphers based on music. The journal carried the obituary of the premier bibliographer of cryptology. And it reviews the many new books on the wide spectrum of ideas in cryptology and its associated fields.

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