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International Journal of Energetic Materials and Chemical Propulsion

Published/Hosted by Begell House Publishing Inc. ISSN (printed): 2150-766X. ISSN (electronic): 2150-7678.

The main purpose for this journal is to promote scientific investigation, technical advancements, and information exchange in the two closely related areas of energetic materials (EM) and chemical propulsion (CP). Numerous energetic materials have been developed recently for various chemical propulsion applications. Significant advancements in energetic material synthesis, characterization, and model simulation have also been made in recent years. It is expected that this trend will continue even at a greater pace in the future. Nano-sized ingredients and certain novel components offer specific advantages for both military and commercial applications in the chemical propulsion field. The ignition and combustion behavior of various new materials have shown special characteristics based upon experimental, theoretical, and computational research efforts. With the current emphasis on environmental impact, safety, and efficiency, efforts will be made in future development by considering green, insensitive, and high-performance energetic materials. In the chemical propulsion area, there have been numerous advancements in solid, liquid, and hybrid rockets. Similarly, energetic fuels and oxidizers have been formulated and processed for solid-fuel ramjets, ducted rockets, pulse detonation engines, etc. Many challenging problems, such as erosion of nozzle and high-temperature insulation materials, are topics of today's research. In spite of notable advances, many technological gaps have been identified in the combustion of energetic materials for propulsion purposes. This journal is intended to provide a valuable source of technical information associated with the energetic material development related to the advancements in chemical propulsion systems.

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