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ISSN: 1945-4589.

The ongoing revolution in aging research calls for a High-Impact Research, Open-Access Journal. In aging research, evidence emerges that aging is controlled by genetic mechanisms involving signal transduction pathways highly conserved from yeast to mammals. Hyper-stimulation of certain signaling pathways drives the aging process and is involved in cell senescence and age-related disease. Modulation of DNA-damage response, sirtuins and stress-response, insulin-activated pathways, nutrient-sensing pathways, p53, FOXO and PTEN extends life span. And calorie restriction extends life span by modulating the same signaling pathways. This provides a potential means of pharmacologic intervention to extend life span and treat age-related diseases. This new journal welcomes scientists in all disciplines, not only those in traditional gerontology. Aging primarily publishes papers of outstanding significance, exceptional novelty, and ground-breaking discoveries in all disciplines relevant to aging (from yeast to humans and from evolution to medicine). The Editorial Board includes outstanding scientists in gerontology, genetics, signal transduction, stem cells and stem cell aging, cell growth, cell cycle, apoptosis, cancer research, pharmacology and clinical medicine.

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