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Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict

ISSN (printed): 1746-7586. ISSN (electronic): 1746-7594.

Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict (DAC) is a pioneering interdisciplinary journal that publishes original papers and reviews that contribute to understanding and ameliorating conflicts between states and non-state challengers. These conflicts too often lead to violence, sometimes to the extremes of terrorism or genocide. Understanding the trajectory to violence requires examination of conflicts that do not escalate to violence as well as those that do. This means studying individuals, groups, and movements who challenge the state without violence, as well as those who turn to radicalism and terrorism. Similarly, it is necessary to study state agents, agencies, and policy makers who respond to challenge without violence, as well as those who turn to torture, ethnic cleansing and genocide. It follows from this multi-level and dynamic perspective that every social science is welcome in the journal. Scholars from anthropology, communications, criminology, economics, geography, history, political science, psychology and sociology are invited to join in a new subculture that includes policy makers, analysts, and officers of police, military and intelligence services, as well as officers of non-governmental organizations and foundations interested in peace and conflict. DAC aims to support an academic-practitioner community that will learn how to prevent and ameliorate violence between states and non-state challengers. The form of contributions is open, and may include interview reports, case histories, survey research, experiments, text analyses, formal modelling, empirical or theoretical reviews, notes identifying new directions of research needed or in progress, and media reviews.

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