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Frontiers in Genetics
Front Genet

ISSN: 1664-8021.

From the days of Brother Gregor studying peas in his monastery garden, to Darwin’s eye-opening journey on the HMS Beagle, to Sir Ronald Fisher’s mathematical reconciliation of the Darwinian and Mendelian perspectives, to Watson and Crick’s discovery of the structure of DNA, to the present, the field of genetics has progressed from obscurity, to heresy, to arcane science, to the province of highly specialized scientists and science fiction writers, to being intricately woven into every aspect of modern life sciences. The specialty sections of Frontiers in Genetics are open-access journals that aim to publish leading edge research, reviews, thinking, and commentary across the full spectrum of genetic and genomic inquiry from the most basic to the most applied, across all branches of the tree of life, embracing methodology, applications, and implications. Too often, intellectual sub-fields remain balkanized and miss out on the cross-fertilization and hybrid vigor for which any geneticist would wish. Frontiers in Genetics publishes articles on the most outstanding discoveries across the entire research spectrum of Genetics. The mission of Frontiers in Genetics is to bring all relevant Specialties in Genetics together on a single platform.

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