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International Journal of Cognition and Technology
Int J Cognit Tech

Published/Hosted by John Benjamins Publishing Company. ISSN (printed): 1569-2167. ISSN (electronic): 1569-9803.

The International Journal of Cognition and Technology (IJCT) is the official publication of the Cognitive Technology Society. It publishes theoretical and empirical studies that examine the co-evolution of technology and its users, viewed as a dialectic process of change. The human mind develops as the result of our invention and use of tools. Conversely, the tools develop in use, when we apply our minds to them. The IJCT thus invites not only contributions that concern the human cognitive adaptation to computer technology, but also ones that deal with our adaptation of technology to developments in human cognitive abilities. The IJCT focuses on design and research methodologies that integrate this dialectic interaction and its parameters, understood as the constraints of human cognition on technological development and vice versa. It takes a specifically human view of what constitutes a tool; this view includes our brain, our cognitive systems, as well as our body and its environments. The IJCT endeavours to further our understanding of the situated human and the technologized mind, so as to clear the path for technological progress whose reference frame is the human condition. The IJCT looks beyond mere technical applications that consider technology as a given. The journal invites explorations of the many complex consequences of the interaction of mind, technology and society. It will also publish work concerned with the ethical and social issues underlying tool-dependent cognitive developments. Topics that are particularly welcome include (but are not limited to): Cognitive prostheses: tools that mediate, augment and integrate the processes by which brain, body and environment interact; Humane methods in tool design: the cognitive and ethical consequences of our adaptation to, and use of tools; Tool technology as design and practice: case studies illustrating the above considerations and concerns.

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