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Journal of Economic Inequality, The

ISSN (printed): 1569-1721. ISSN (electronic): 1573-8701.

Numerous studies conducted during the past twenty years seem to show that in many countries of the Western world the inequality of earnings as well as of household incomes has increased. In addition international comparisons often indicate a rise in the gap between rich and poor countries. At the same time inequalities in educational opportunities, in health care, morbidity, mortality, both within and between countries, have certainly not disappeared so that these aspects of inequality are important topics too. The new Journal of Economic Inequality will provide a forum for a rigorous analysis of these issues, both at the theoretical and at the empirical level, as well as for a discussion of the policy implications of the research findings in this field. Its scope will be broad but it will give priority to an economic analysis of the numerous questions related to the topic of economic and social inequalities. The following themes represent a non-exhaustive list of the topics (not ranked by order of importance) that The Journal of Economic Inequality is interested to cover: The Measurement of Income Inequality; Functional versus Personal Distribution of Incomes; Axiomatic Approaches to the Measurement of Inequality and Poverty; Statistical Tools to be used in Inequality and Poverty Analysis; Unidimensional vs. Multidimensional Poverty and Inequality; Horizontal Inequity; Income and Social Mobility; Inequality and Development; Inequality in Wages and Earnings; Globalization and Inequality; Human Development and the Quality of Life; Equality of Opportunities; Distributive Justice; Discrimination in the Labor Market; Occupational and Residential Segregation; Tax, Transfers and Redistribution; Inequality and Unemployment; Social Policies; International Migration and Inequalities; Endogenous Growth and Inequality; Demographic Changes and Inequality; Inequalities in Health and Education; Inequality in Consumption and Time Use; The Distribution of Wealth; The Dynamics of Inequality in Transition Economies; Internal Migration and the Urban-Rural Gap; Child Poverty and Poverty Among the Elderly; Inequality and Crime; Ethnic and Gender Economics; Inequality and Cognitive Abilities; Redistributive Policies and Public Choice; Functionings, Capabilities and Inequalities; Inequality and Social Welfare; Inequality, Poverty and Exclusion; Inequality and Malnutrition; Inequality, Poverty and the Welfare State; Inequality and Unions; Social Insurance and Inequalities; Imperfect Capital Markets and Inequality; Inequality and Power; Inequality and Polarization; Inequality and Social Stratification; Inequalities, Poverty and Liberties.

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