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Language Policy
Lang Pol

ISSN (printed): 1568-4555. ISSN (electronic): 1573-1863.

Language Policy is a journal that will be of particular interest to scholars, students, specialists and policy-makers working in the fields of applied linguistics, language policy, sociolinguistics, and language education. It will also be of interest to heads of language academies and planning agencies. The study of the nature and possibilities of language policy and planning is a recent and rapidly growing field. Worldwide developments pertaining to major imperial and national languages, multilingualism, the stampede towards English, the endangerment of large and small languages, national and ethnic efforts to slow the process, language rights, and monolingual policies have turned language policy and language education policy into burgeoning fields for research and activity. A distinguishing feature of this journal is its combination of language policy and educational policy. Whereas often the two main components of language policy are seen as policies concerning the status of languages and policies concerning the form of languages, the editorial board of this journal follows Cooper (1989) in adding a third key area: acquisition policies pertaining to the teaching and learning of languages. The reason for this is twofold: decisions about which languages should be used or taught in school are the most common language policy decisions; and language education issues can only be understood in the widest social, ethnic, religious, political, cultural and economic contexts. Language Policy aims to contribute to the maturity of the field by publishing high-quality studies that will help build a sound theoretical understanding of the subject area. The journal seeks to publish papers that deal with the widest range of cases, situations and regions. Specifically we welcome: Detailed accounts of promoting and managing language (education) policy (who, what, why, and how); Research papers on the development, implementation and effects of language (education) policy in all regions of the world and under different conditions; Accounts of policy development by governments and governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations and business enterprises; Accounts of attempts made by ethnic, religious and minority groups to establish, resist, or modify language policies; Empirical studies that contribute to a theory of language policy (practice, ideology, and management).

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