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Published/Hosted by Springer. ISSN: 1567-8466.

Living cells owe this function to properties that arise in macromolecular interactions. The nonlinear nature of the macromolecular interactions makes it a challenge to understand these emerging properties. Yet this understanding within the functional context is the ambition of BioComplexity . To realise this ambition precise experimentation possibly inside the living system should be accompanied by quantitative analysis. It is the tenet of BioComplexity that at the various levels of emergence similar principles appear to operate. The Journal focuses on the understanding of these principles. BioComplexity will publish experimental and theoretical contributions (and preferably combinations thereof) concerning emerging properties in the following areas: Macromolecular Organization and Cell Function; BioThermoKinetics; Mechanisms of free energy transduction through domain interactions within proteins Coupled molecular motors; Flux induced structures (e.g. cell infrastructure chaperonins DNA supercoiling); Integrative Molecular and Cellular Bioinformatics; Integrative Functional Genomics; Non equilibrium regulation of gene expression e.g. by maintenance of energized DNA structures; Macromolecular crowding and living cells; New technologies to inspect emergent properties in living systems; Molecular neural networks in living cells; Metabolite and signal channeling; scaffolding; Maintenance and replication of cell structures; Epigenetic control of gene expression; gene silencing mechanisms; Hysteresis and self organization in and between living cells; Autonomous oscillations (cell-cycle calcium glycolytic cell-cell signalling) entrainment; Cell-cell communication; from cells to tissues and ecosystems; Cancer as network disease; The behaviour of individual molecules in interaction; The special properties of heterogeneous biological systems away from equilibrium; Engineering the complex live cell; Metabolic and Hierarchical Control Analysis; Intracellular active transport of macromolecules; Catalysis by non-equilibrium structures (e.g. enzymes catalyzing processes in a metastable state); where the living cell differs from its in vitro analogues ('Entering the living cell'). Typically an issue of BioComplexity will contain a review of one aspect of the field a review of new experimental techniques plus a series of papers with the most recent primary results. All contributions will be peer-reviewed by independent referees including at least one member of the Editorial Board. The reviewing process will proceed largely electronically ensuring short publication times. Discontinued.

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