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Stem Cell Reviews
Stem Cell Rev

Published/Hosted by Springer. ISSN: 1550-8943.

No area of medicine can avoid being affected by developments resulting from stem cell research. In recent years, research has dramatically revealed that stem cells possess an unlimited potential to transform themselves into a variety of cell types within the body, theoretically dividing endlessly to replenish other cells as long as its host is still alive. As a cell divides, each new cell resulting from that division has the ability to develop another type of cell with a more specialized function within th body (blood, organ, muscle, nerve). Stem cell research has already proven of high value to biologists and researchers worldwide in better understanding a variety of complex medical conditions, such as birth defects and cancer, as well as the potential to correct their causes. In addition, stem cells offer the possibility of a steady source of cells and tissues to aid in the study and treatment of a variety of illnesses, disabilities, and conditions in the fields of cardiovascular disease, arthritis, CNS, and diabetes. Stem Cell Reviews will be devoted to the publication of timely, critical reviews of important topics in stem cell research, topics on which the authors will have made significant contributions. This quarterly journal will immediately become must reading for every stem cell biologist and medical investigator as it examines and critically evaluates new information in the field. Editorial commentaries and other items of special interest to its readers will also be offered.

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