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Nonlinear Oscillations

ISSN: 1536-0059.

The international journal Nonlinear Oscillations covers research in the domain of the qualitative theory of differential or functional differential equations with a special emphasis to the oscillatory behavior of solutions. Almost every evolutionary phenomenon encountered in the real world has an oscillatory character understood in one or another sense. From the theoretical viewpoint, the concept of oscillation is an underlying principle in numerous practical problems modelled by various kinds of differential equations. Topics related to oscillation in a broad sense are covered in full by the journal, whose main aim is to provide an international forum for exchange of ideas in the domain of qualitative theory of differential equations. Many complex processes in nature and technology are described by ordinary differential or functional differential equations. The latter are dominant nowadays because the functional components in equations allow one to consider after-effect or prehistory influence. Various classes of functional differential equations are of fundamental importance in many problems arising in immunology, epidemiology, theory of neural networks, theory of automatic control, etc. Quite long ago delay differential equations had shown their efficiency in the study of the behavior of real populations. The majority of functional differential equations appearing as mathematical models of real oscillatory phenomena are essentially nonlinear, as a rule, each of them having its own specific features. Because of this, and due to the fact that the theory of such equations is quite far from being complete, one is often obliged to seek for an individual approach to every concrete equation. Nonlinear Oscillations particularly encourages research papers concerning the general properties possessed by broad classes of equations. Following the revolutionary changes in computer science, modern computer software is now more and more applied to the investigation of the oscillatory behavior in complicated equations, plotting bifurcation diagrams, etc. This is reflected in the scope of the journal, which accepts papers concerning the qualitative analysis of differential equations with the help of symbolic calculus systems. Nonlinear Oscillations is also soliciting papers with significant mathematical content, which deal with applications of the theory of ordinary and functional differential equations in various fields of mathematical biology, electronics, medicine, etc. The journal Nonlinear Oscillations publishes papers on the following topics: General problems of oscillation theory and nonlinear mechanics; Multifrequency oscillations theory; Asymptotic, iterative, and other approximate methods for solving differential equations; Qualitative methods of studying differential equations; Delay differential equations, equations with impulses and random perturbations; Theory of boundary value problems for ordinary differential and functional differential equations; Applications.

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