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Pedagogy, Culture & Society
Pedagog Cult Soc

ISSN (printed): 1468-1366. ISSN (electronic): 1747-5104.

Pedagogy, Culture & Society is a fully-refereed journal that seeks to provide an international forum for curriculum discussion and debate. The identity of the journal is built on the belief that curriculum debate has the following features: Curriculum debate is not restricted by geographical boundaries: its participants are the international educational community and its proceedings appeal to a worldwide audience; Curriculum debate is open and democratic: it is not the preserve of teachers, politicians, academics or administrators but requires open discussion; Curriculum debate is eclectic and interdisciplinary: it draws on a wide range of different intellectual and practical traditions to clarify core problems and sustain deliberation; Curriculum debate is concerned with the past, present and future: it involves thinking reflectively about curriculum policy and practice with the aid of organising concepts such as culture, politics and ideology; Curriculum debate is culturally diverse: it involves communication between participants whose thinking is shaped by different cultural conditions ranging from the 'post-colonial' condition of many African and Asian countries to the 'post-centralised' condition of Eastern Europe and the 'post-modern' condition of Western liberal democracies. This journal seeks to stimulate extensive dialogue and discussion between different cultures and societies. Although the journal is concerned to highlight the curriculum debates taking place in Europe it also wishes to reflect curriculum developments in North and South America, Africa, Asia and Australasia.

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