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Plastics, Additives and Compounding

ISSN: 1464-391X.

Plastics Additives & Compounding is the first international magazine dedicated solely to technical additives and pigments and their incorporation into compounds and masterbatches. It is also the first magazine to offer authoritative technical and commercial coverage of products, technologies and markets for the use of additives and compounding equipment every month. At last one magazine that will provide you with all the information you need! Every month Plastics Additives and Compounding will: provide regular, up-to-date information on the ever-increasing complexities of additives provide information on the best use and commercial applications of additives represent the views and interests of the industry assist in the technical and business development of the additives and compounding sector Just look at some of the features coming up in 2000... JANUARY With the focus on productivity, processing aids come to the fore Dicing technology makes a comeback Strand pelletizers aim to meet compounders' needs Conference Review - Addcon World '99 FEBRUARY Compounder profile - an insiders look at AlphaGary's new compounding plant Food packaging - our review explains the role of additives Pigments - how to add colour and performance MARCH Fillers - a compounder's guide to filler selection Compounding - an economic review of the industry Additive injection valves APRIL Compounder profile - an insider look at a compounding plant Lubricants - what you need to know to improve your process Testing equipment for compounders AddPlast preview MAY Special feature - flame retardants Nanocomposites - we review the progress made with these new materials Staying in control of your process - some recent developments Plast 2000 preview JUNE Compounder profile - an insider look at a compounding plant Additives in medical applications - our guide tells you what you need to know How to improve the performance of your extruder NPE 2000 preview JULY/AUGUST The global market for additives - what is being bought and current trends Adding some colour - when should you use a masterbatch SEPTEMBER Special feature - stabilizers Compounder profile - an insider look at a compounding plant What do the electronic and electrical industries want from additives? Choosing a twin screw extruder: what are your options? OCTOBER Spotlight USA - a comprehensive look at North American compounding Biological additives: keeping the bugs at bay NOVEMBER Special feature - pigments Compounder profile - an insider look at a compounding plant Recycling - where do additives fit in? Selecting a blender for your purposes DECEMBER Reinforcement: a review of your options Flame retardants - halogenated or not? An update The best new products of 2000

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