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Crystal Engineering
Cryst Eng

ISSN: 1463-0184.

Electronic versions of Crystal Engineering papers are now available through Crystal Engineering will publish contributions detailing the design characterization and application of engineered solids and the study of the noncovalent or covalent forces responsible for their structure. This Journal is intended as a multidisciplinary forum for discussion of crystal engineering and as a focus for publications in this growing field. Contributions to Crystal Engineering will be accepted from such diverse areas as: noncovalent bonding and its applications in the solid state, i.e., supramolecular synthesisanalysis of crystal structures and crystal packing theory of crystal packing and computational modeling methodology bulk properties, e.g., polarity, porosity, magnetism, liquid crystallinity multiple component solids such as cocrystals, solvates and salts polymorphism and supramolecular isomerism solid-state chemical reactions control over packing in films and monolayersThe Journal's primary emphasis will be on basic aspects of engineering of solids and the properties and applications of crystal engineered solids. AudienceFor materials chemists, materials scientists, synthetic chemists, solid state chemists, crystallographers and physicists. Bibliographic and Ordering InformationFor information about conditions of sale, ordering procedures, and links to our regional sales offices, please read through our ordering information.Year 2001Also available as part of Materials Research BulletinVolume 4, 4 issuesISSN: 1463-0184Institutional price: Order formNLG 392 (euro 177.88) for European countriesUSD 199 for all countries except Europe and JapanJPY 24,600 for JapanPERGAMON Last update: 15 Feb 2001© Copyright 1999-2001, Elsevier Science, All rights reserved.

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