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Journal of Aquatic Ecosystem Stress and Recovery

ISSN (printed): 1386-1980. ISSN (electronic): 1573-5141.

The Journal of Aquatic Ecosystem and Recovery encourages submission of original studies which address the measurement analysis interpretation and significance of natural and anthropogenic stressors on components of freshwater estuarine and marine systems. The journal is not entirely ecotoxicological or ecological in its primary thrust but seeks to include elements from both disciplines in the creation of a body of knowledge which examines the effects of environmental stressors on all levels of biological organization including individual population community and the ecosystem level. The journal particularly encourages studies that focus on establishing functional relationships among biotic components as they relate to understanding linkages and/or causal relationships between two or more levels of biological organization. The following themes or subject areas are appropriate for the journal: Effects of stressors on relationships between biotic components: understanding linkages between levels of biological organization; establishing relationships between different trophic levels. Development and application of new techniques for assessing stress: multivariate modeling and integrative approaches; approaches for characterizing or distinguishing between different types of stressors; using combinations of biomarkers and bioindicators to assess stress effects. Multiple lines of evidence to assess and evaluate stress effects: multivariate and integrative use of individual response variables; use of multivariate responses in ecological risk assessment. Effects of different types of stressors on aquatic ecosystems: physicochemical effects (e.g. hydrodynamic siltation temperature salinity); habitat modification (e.g. channelization instream cover substrate riparian/erosion); contaminants (not classical toxicology see no. 2); modifying effects of physicochemical factors on stress response. Recovery in Aquatic Ecosystems: relationships between water chemistry dynamics and biological responses; predicting and defining population and community recovery; impairment of individual and population-level recovery processes. Ecological description of stressed aquatic systems: structure and function of stressed marine estuarine or freshwater systems; colonization dynamics of exotic and introduced species; distinguishing between effects caused by anthropogenic or natural stressors.

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