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Designed Monomers & Polymers

ISSN (printed): 1385-772X. ISSN (electronic): 1568-5551.

Designed Monomers and Polymers will include articles concerning all areas of Macromolecular Design and Applications. Emphasis will be placed on the macromolecular preparations including the synthesis, characterization and application of monomers. The experimental part should be provided in such a detail (including specific observations, precautionary notes, use of new materials, techniques, and the negative aspects of the experimental manipulations, etc.) that it could be reproduced by any researcher wishing to repeat the work. The subjects of supramolecular science, initiators, macroinitiators for macromolecular design, as well as the kinetics, mechanism and modeling aspects of polymerization will be included too. This journal will provide an interface between organic, and polymer chemistries and aims to bridge the gap between monomer synthesis and the design of new polymers. The subject of monomers may include old monomers but new methods of synthesis. Author(s) must show the evidence for polymerization (including polycondensation, sequential combination, oxidative coupling, radiation, plasma polymerization, etc.) in case of new monomers. The field of monomers encompasses functional prepolymers of various architectures such as hyperbranched polymers, telechelic polymers, macromonomers, or dendrimers. In particular, articles on monomers have been scattered over a vast number of journals: there is no polymer journal that covers a specialized subject such as monomers, whereas monomers are the building blocks of polymers. Designed Monomers and Polymers seeks to redress the balance by providing an international forum for addressing the issue of monomers and the art and science of macromolecular design.

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