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Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical
J Mol Catal Chem

ISSN: 1381-1169.

The general objective of the Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical is to examine the molecular and atomic aspects of catalytic activation and reaction mechanisms in catalysis by metal complexes, and heterogeneous and biochemical catalysis. The Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical wishes to emphasize the features and interpretations common to these three main fields of catalysis. Chemical and Metal Complex Catalysis: basic mechanisms in homogeneous catalysis; homogeneous catalysis in organic and polymer synthesis; molecular and mechanistic aspects of polymerization; anchored or grafted metal complex catalysis when the active site properties are accentuated; systems involving two or more catalytic species; mechanistic and selectivity aspects of metal complex catalysis; coding processes; electrophoto- and laserndash;catalysis; stereochemical aspects; in situ geometry of active species. Molecular Aspects of Heterogeneous Catalysis: structural and mechanistic information at the atomic and molecular level: catalysts, catalyst characterization and catalytic processes under real or simulated working conditions; new routes to the molecular engineering of heterogeneous catalysts; 'heterogenized' homogeneous catalysis when the support properties are emphasized; surface science from the catalytic point of view. Biomimetic Catalysis: enzyme analogues; photobiocatalysis; membrane-bound systems; catalytic aspects of photosynthesis.

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