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International Finance
Int Finance

ISSN (printed): 1367-0271. ISSN (electronic): 1468-2362.

For either economists or market practitioners - indeed for anyone actively engaged with the international financial markets - International Finance is one of the most interesting new journals to come on the scene in a very long time... Benjamin M. Friedman ".Lively but academically serious this Journal is starting to do in the field of economic policy what Foreign Affairs does in political international relations." Charles Goodhart "Highly readable yet rigorous on the central macroeconomic issues. A combination which is hard to beat.'' Olivier Blanchard " International Finance has rapidly established itself as one of the key journals for any economist working in international monetary economics." John Williamson The Asia crisis the birth of the euro the future of monetary policy the revolution in electronic trading reform of the Bretton Woods institutions the impact of cross-border derivatives trading... Macro and financial economists now have a unique new forum for analysis of these issues: one where research can be applied to contemporary economic problems; where methodologies support analysis rather than being themselves on display; where advocacy sustained by rigorous argument is encouraged; and where publication is valued not for its own sake but for its impact on a knowledgeable and influential readership. IF is not just another journal. It is intended as a vigorous intellectual forum for scholars who believe that it is necessary to be relevant as well as original to influence policy as well as to publish research. IF is a scholarly journal where even the book review section stands out. Reviewers are selected for their ability to write fluidly and analytically across a given area weaving in important new books and papers along the way - in the style of The New York Review of Books. IF is a journal which is read not only in scholarly circles but in national treasuries and corporate treasuries central banks and investment banks international organizations and graduate degree programmes. Unlike conference volumes which typically focus on a single topic and have a year or more lag before publication IF's coverage is broad and timely. Unlike policy journals with an invitation-only approach which lean on favoured authors and points of view IF is open and inclusive. The approach is aimed at ensuring that IF is consistently relevant challenging and thought provoking. Call For Papers The editors and the Advisory Board are looking to attract lucid and original scholarship particularly in the fields of: Exchange rates Political economy Monetary policy Financial markets Corporate finance Transition economics With a readership that extends well beyond academia into the markets and government circles IF is the best vehicle available for disseminating thought-provoking analysis of critical economic issues. Please see submission page for information on how to submit your article.

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