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Journal of Memetics Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission

ISSN: 1366-4786.

The Journal of Memetics-Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission (JoM-EMIT) is an international, peer-refereed, scientific journal. It is intended as a forum for academics and professionals to discuss their research on the spread of information from an evolutionary point of view. JoM-EMIT seeks to develop the field of memetics, and more generally to investigate the evolutionary mechanisms that determine the propagation of information within a population of human, animal or artificial agents. This general problem can be approached from a variety of disciplines, including sociology, economics, psychology, linguistics, biology, anthropology, complex systems, and computer science. JoM-EMIT particularly welcomes cross-disciplinary perspectives, where e.g. biological analogies are applied to understand cultural evolution, or computer simulations are used to model the spread of languages. However, in spite of its roots in evolutionary biology and computer simulation, we see memetics in the first place as a (new type of) social science, focusing primarily on the spread of information within human society. We therefore particularly welcome approaches that integrate memetic ideas with observations, concepts and methods from the social sciences and humanities, rather than being restricted to formal models that have little connection with the behavior of real individuals, groups or cultures.

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