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ISSN (printed): 1353-4645. ISSN (electronic): 1460-700X.

An exciting and provocative cultural studies journal which seeks to initiate alternative forms of cultural theory and criticism through a critical engagement with the production of cultural knowledges. parallax Fr. parallaxe f. mod. L parallaxis f. Gk = change, alternation, angle between two lines, f. parallassein alter, alternate, f. as PARA- + allassein to exchange, f. allos other. parallax seeks to reconfigure contemporary critical theories and cultural practices through a critique of their productions. This is a basis for practicing otherwise. It is an exchange between theory and cultural productions that attempts to radically alter both. Alterations enacted in order to remobilize and repoliticize cultural studies. The advances and successes of the discipline of cultural studies cannot be over-emphasized. Its destabilization of disciplinary boundaries has productively damaged many of the conservative and traditional ways in which the Academy functions. The inter, cross- and anti-disciplinary approaches that form the genealogy of cultural studies have produced a great deal of critical and important scholarship. But parallax is not a celebration of cultural studies. Rather it is an attempt to make a space available in which dialogue, debate and philosophical contestation can be generated in an interrogation of our own practices. Thus, the predominantly themed nature of each issue of parallax is an attempt to bring together diverse approaches, methodologies, subjects and writers in order to produce lively and contentious struggles between them while also bringing to light often surprising similarities. In a sense, what becomes important in the fusion of these disparate positions under one cover is an utmost concern for the political within the production of knowledge's. It is this that parallax seeks to address. And it is here that parallax situates itself and from which it hopes to participate in a redefinition of the study of culture. By continuously re-assessing its project and its political strategies parallax hopes to contribute to a study of cultural production that is constantly mobile and provocative.

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