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European Physical Journal E (EPJ E), The - Soft Matter

ISSN (printed): 1292-8941. ISSN (electronic): 1292-895X.

The study of soft condensed matter has already stimulated fruitful interactions between physicists chemists and engineers and is now reaching out to biologists. Most importantly complex fluids have many applications in everyday life and fundamental research on soft matter is often closely linked to industrial research. A broad interdisciplinary community encompassing all these areas of science has emerged over the last thirty years and with it our knowledge of soft matter has grown considerably. A journal dedicated to all aspects of soft matter science is urgently needed. The new section EPJ E ñ Soft Matter aims to fill this need. EPJ E will provide a common platform and audience for all scientists involved in soft matter science; a melting pot for ideas from diverse areas including physics chemistry materials sciences and of course biology. The journal will divided into the following subsections: Biological Aspects: Biomimetics and biomineralisation Membranes and vesicles Molecular recognition Biomolecular action and forces. Living cells: mechanics and hydrodynamics Model for evolution Colloids: Colloidal and molecular interactions Hydrodynamics and rheology Amphiphilic systems Foams emulsions and dispersions Functional Materials: Magnetic molecular compounds Electrically conducting organic materials Electro-optical properties Smart material response Granular Matter: Statistical physics of powders Glasses and fragile matter Mechanical properties Liquid Crystals: Thermotropic and lyotropic phases Liquid crystalline polymers and elastomers Polymers: Solutions and melts Copolymers Gels rubbers networks Crystalline polymers Biopolymers Supramolecular Assemblies: Purpose-designed organic molecules Hierarchical structures Specific interactions Self-assembly Surfaces and Interfaces: Adhesion and Friction Langmuir-Blodgett films Wetting and spreading Structured surfaces Confinement The European Physical Journal E - Soft Matter is published jointly by

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