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ISSN: 1122-7893.

Iride, a peer reviewed journal, was founded in 1988 and is one of the main Italian journals on contemporary philosophical culture. Iride is a non-specialist journal which critically, as well as analitically and hermeneutically, tackles the major themes of public discussion and contemporary philosophy with specific attention given to the history of ideas. Iride publishes articles on the individual and social condition, political as well as ethical issues, on problems related to norms and regulations, aesthetics and religion, as well as on issues related to language, truth and science, based on the criteria of relevance as perceived in both the continental tradition, and the pragmatic and analytical ones also. The structure of the sections corresponds to these aims. “Prima Pagina” offers the reader an in-depth philosophical analysis of strategic questions connected with public debate. “Itinerari” presents interviews that reconstruct the biographical and theoretical dimensions of the life of a philosopher whose experience is particularly significant for the aims of Iride. “Saggi” comprises the articles of greater length and theoretical depth capable of presenting a clear and original thesis. “Nodi” is the monographic section of the journal in which a number of authors discuss a single theme from different points of view. “Finestre” puts forward questions and interpretations, also with theses that have not been completely developed or have only partially been sketched, aimed at bringing new issues and themes into play. “Reprints” publishes and comments on currently hard-to-find texts that represented important points of reference in the philosophical debate of recent decades and that call for new attention. “Film in discussione” and “Letteratura in discussione” delves into the philosophical and aesthetic meaning of recent films or literary texts. “Libri in discussione” collects two or three reflections on new editions of classics or on recently published books. Not all the sections will be included in every issue.

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