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Democracy & Nature
Democr Nat

ISSN (printed): 1085-5661. ISSN (electronic): 1469-3720.

Democracy & Nature (D&N) aims to become the international forum for inclusive democracy. That is, direct political democracy, economic democracy (beyond the confines of the market economy and state planning), as well as democracy in the social realm and ecological democracy. In short, inclusive democracy is a form of social organisation which re-integrates society with economy, polity and nature. The concept of inclusive democracy is derived from a synthesis of two major historical traditions: the classical democratic and the socialist. It also encompasses radical green, feminist, indigenous and liberation movements in the South. The journal aims to initiate a dialogue in which inclusive democracy and other radical views will be discussed and contrasted. D&N perceives the world to be in a multidimensional crisis, caused by the concentration of power in the hands of various elites, as a result of the establishment of the system of market/growth economy, representative democracy and the related forms of hierarchical structures. Inclusive democracy is therefore not seen as a utopia but as probably the only way out of the present crisis. In this context, by facilitating a dialogue between those committed to re-envisioning society D&N also aspires to inform a new political praxis. D&N features: Cutting-edge political analysis and radical green theory. The journal brings together the latest political thought by contemporary radical thinkers within the broad left and green movement. Political activists, leading thinkers in the fields of economics, science, history, ecology, ethics, and others provide perspectives on themes such as Science and Technology; Democracy, Culture and Mass Media and Class, State and Ecology. This interdisciplinary approach casts new light on the complex causes of the multi-dimensional crisis happening now, how our history shaped the present crisis, and how we can participate in the creation of a political, economic and ecological democracy. A dynamic interchange of ideas. Radical thinkers from around the globe and varying traditions participate in a unique dialogue. Libertarian socialists, autonomy/radical democracy project supporters, radical greens, feminists, and indigenous and Third World activists contribute multiple perspectives on the crucial issues of our times. Themes are employed in each issue as a focal point for debate, and review essays are featured on books that contribute to contemporary currents of thought. International perspectives. With editorial contributions from all over the world, D&N provides sharp, sophisticated coverage of democratic and green ideas worldwide. The diversity of history, culture, and political traditions represented in D&N enriches the dialogue and creates an approach to solving the worldwide crisis that is at once global and local. A new movement. D&N reclaims the word democracy from its corrupted present-day usage and expands its original meaning to include equal sharing of political, as well as economic and social power exercised directly by the citizens.

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