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Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation, The

ISSN (printed): 1049-8907. ISSN (electronic): 1099-1778.

Information conveyed graphically helps fix difficult concepts in the mind but animation is an important additional dimension enabling an understanding of data that is virtually impossible to obtain viewing still images. The advent of faster and cheaper machines has accelerated the growth of scientific visualization whereby scientists can turn mountains of numbers into movies and display measurements of physical variables in space and time. The field of Computer Animation is interdisciplinary and attracts those working in the science and arts applying animation techniques. The range of topics to be covered in the Journal will include scenario-making right through to the post production stage. This Journal aims not only to publish research papers on the technological developments (both hardware and software) that will make animation tools more accessible to end-users. It will also publish on new application areas for animation films and will commission and encourage submissions of case studies to demonstrate to film makers what techniques have previously been drawn on and their results. Critiques of films and book reviews are also welcomed. The journal contains three main sections: Research papers This is the main section. It will cover research papers on innovative areas in Computer Animation. Film case studies critics and software In this section authors will describe their work on the making of new computer-generated films. Showing how to make new innovative films from the beginning (scenario) to the end (film or video with sound) will be the aim of this section and selected films will also be analysed and evaluated in detail according to both artistic and scientific criteria. This section is also open to commercial software for visualization and animation. Calendar of events calls for papers and films This section will provide information about the main events to come such as conferences workshops and festivals of computer-generated work throughout the world. The Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation seeks papers in all fields of scientific visualization and computer animation. Contributions are solicited describing original research results and applications and experience in the following areas: Hardware and software for animation Computer-assisted animation Paint systems Motion control Keyframe animation Graphical simulation Mechanics-based animation Synthetics actors Image rendering in animation Animation languages and systems Animator interfaces Film case studies Path planning 3D medical imagery Molecular graphics Flight simulators Speech synchronization Video animation Traditional animation applied to computer animation Animation for scientific visualization Animation for engineering Motion blur and temporal antialiasing AI-based animation Volume rendering Robotics methods for animation Special effects Real-time animation Recording techniques Scenario making Storyboard production Digital music and sound

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