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Journal of Marketing Channels
J Market Channel

Published/Hosted by Haworth Press Inc. ISSN (printed): 1046-669X. ISSN (electronic): 1540-7039.

The Journal of Marketing Channels is the first and only professional marketing journal to focus exclusively on distribution systems, strategy, and management. The journal recognizes the growing importance of distribution as a key strategic variable in marketing management. Indeed, if one looks realistically at the major strategy variables of the marketing mix--product, price, promotion, and distribution--the greatest potential for achieving a competitive advantage now lies in distribution. The reason? Rapid technology transfer has made product advantages increasingly difficult to maintain. International operations seeking lower costs have made price advantages much harder to sustain because everybody seems to be "playing the same game." Even promotion, which relies so heavily on mass media advertising, has become a battle of who can spend the most money. But distribution still offers a new frontier for competing successfully especially if the emphasis is placed on the design and management of superior marketing channel systems to provide excellent customer service. A competitive advantage gained through better distribution is not easily copied by the competition and hence becomes a long-term sustainable competitive advantage. Yet designing optimal marketing channel systems, formulating innovative distribution strategies, and managing marketing channel systems effectively is no simple task. In fact, professional marketing expertise of a very high order is required to meet these challenges. The Journal of Marketing Channels helps provide the knowledge and tools needed to develop superior distribution systems, strategies, and management. Leading authorities from around the world present the most up-to-date and in-depth thought, analysis, and research on these topics in this refereed international quarterly journal. Marketers interested in doing a better job of making products and services available to customers through more effective and efficient marketing channels will find the Journal of Marketing Channels to be exactly what they are looking for. Marketing professionals in manufacturing firms, wholesalers, retailers, sales agents, manufacturers representatives, brokers, franchises, service organizations, and any other participants in marketing channels are sure to find much of value in every issue. Each article provides solid information, insights, or tools of analysis for dealing with such crucial marketing channel issues as: How will changing economic, competitive, and technological developments affect marketing channels? How can marketing channels be designed to provide superior customer service while enhancing profitability? How can effective channel partnerships be created through the selection of channel members? How can distributors, dealers, and other channel members be motivated to do a more effective selling job? * How can the performance of marketing channels be evaluated more accurately and effectively? How can cooperation in marketing channels be fostered and conflict reduced? How can marketing channel strategy be used to gain a competitive advantage? How can marketing channels be used to gain access to international markets?

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