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Permafrost and Periglacial Processes

ISSN (printed): 1045-6740. ISSN (electronic): 1099-1530.

Permafrost and Periglacial Processes is an international journal dedicated to the rapid publication of scientific and technical papers concerned with earth surface cryogenic processes landforms and sediments present in a variety of (Sub) Arctic Antarctic and High Mountain environments. It provides an efficient vehicle of communication amongst those with an interest in the cold non-glacial geosciences. The focus is on (1) original research based on geomorphological hydrological sedimentological geotechnical and engineering aspects of these areas and (2) original research carried out upon relict features where the objective has been to reconstruct the nature of the processes and/or palaeoenvironments which gave rise to these features as opposed to purely stratigraphical considerations. The journal also publishes short communications reviews discussions and book reviews. The high scientific standard interdisciplinary character and worldwide representation of PPP are maintained by regional editorial support and a rigorous refereeing system. THE SUBJECT MATTER GEOCRYOLOGY PAST AND PRESENT: the study of frozen ground (seasonally frozen ground as well as permafrost) excluding glacier ice; active and inactive processes and forms; cold-climate or (Sub) Arctic Antarctic and High Mountain environments. CRYOGENIC PROCESSES AND FROST ACTION: soil freezing freeze-thaw indices/cycles; thermal contraction and ice segregation processes frost wedging/heaving/thrusting/cracking/sorting; mass-wasting processes and deposits; rock glaciers; slopewash processes and deposits; frost weathering. PERMAFROST AND GROUND ICE: permafrost distribution/depth/thickness; origin of permafrost including alpine and offshore permafrost and relation to climate; forms of ground ice; thermal regime of active layer/permafrost and climatic change; frozen ground chemistry mechanics and physics; permafrost aggradation/degradation; thermokarst. PERIGLACIAL LANDSCAPE EVOLUTION: patterned ground forms; frost mounds and other periglacial phenomena; nivation forms; cryoplanation and cryopediments; fluvial activity lacustrine and coastal forms eolian activity snow and meltwater activity. PLEISTOCENE PERIGLACIAL ENVIRONMENTS: relict or ancient (Pleistocene) periglacial structures deposits and landforms; pseudomorphs; palaeogeographic palaeo-climatic and palaeo-environmental reconstruction and implications. PRESENT PERIGLACIAL ENVIRONMENTS - MANAGEMENT AND UTILIZATION OF RESOURCES GEOTECHNICAL AND APPLIED ASPECTS: aspects of hydraulic agricultural forestry geotechnical (buildings highways railways airfields) and sanitary engineering in relation to permafrost and frost action processes; mining hydrocarbon exploration production and transportation in permafrost regions; seismic surveys and remote sensing in permafrost surveys; sensitivity of permafrost ecosystems environmental protection nature conservation and management.

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