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International Journal of Lakes and Rivers (IJLR)

ISSN: 0973-4570.

The principal aim of this New Journal is to publish and provide comprehensive information on all inland water bodies; lotic (running water) systems covering rivers, their branches, streams, tributaries and estuaries, irrigation canals and drains, as well as lentic (standing water) systems covering shallow lakes, great lakes, saline lakes, reservoirs, ponds and swamps. It publishes top-level scientific investigations and studies to cover all disciplines and branches of physical, chemical, biological and geological limnology, paleolimnology and the relevant topics; water currents and waves, transparency, temperature, light penetration, water color, pH, salinity, chlorosity, dissolved gases, nutrients species, organic matter, major ions, trace elements, heavy metal pollution, water quality, metal speciation, adsorption/desorption processes, environmental degradation, humic substances, suspended matter, bacteria, phytoplankton, zooplankton and their interaction, invertebrates, bottom fauna, macrophytes, primary productivity, eutrophication, nitrification and denitrification, biogeochemical cycles of elements, surface and deep sediment characteristics and texture, interstitial water, lake surface microlayer, air-lake exchange processes, fisheries, fish culture, fishery management, water system modeling, estuarine modeling, lake and reservoir management, river and stream managemnet, groundwater/ surface water interactions, mountain lake ecology, wetlands for water reatment.

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