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ISSN: 0966-9795.

Intermetallics is concerned with all aspects of ordered chemical compounds between two or more metals, in particular with their applications. On the more fundamental side, the journal covers: the crystal chemistry and bonding theory of intermetallics, including prediction of crystal structures; determination (and calculation) of phase diagrams; the nature of superlattices, antiphase domains and order-disorder transitions; the geometry and dynamics of dislocations in intermetallics; theory of flow stress (including anomalous temperature dependence of low stress), work-hardening, fatigue and creep; response of deformed intermetallics to annealing; magnetic and electrical properties of intermetallics, with special reference to hard magnet materials; structure and property of grain boundaries and interphase boundaries; and the effect of deviations from stoichiometry on all physical and mechanical properties. The principles governing microstructural features of multiphase intermetallic alloys is also included, as is experimental and theoretical work on diffusion in intermetallics. With regard to application, the journal publishes papers on all aspects of processing, including: melting, casting, fabrication, sintering and hot-pressing, and self-sustaining high-temperature synthesis; the microstructural response of multiphase alloys to heat-treatment and the effect of such treatment on properties, mechanical properties in particular; environmental effects on mechanical and magnetic properties and their interpretation and control; practical applications of intermetallics, both terrestrial and in aerospace; multiphase intermetallic alloys for dental use; applications of hard magnetic materials based on intermetallics, especially those incorporating rare earth metals. A number of topics either fall between the fundamental and application categories, or stretch along the entire spectrum between them. These include topics such as the effect of intense deformation (eg by milling) on the structure of intermetallics; response to irradiation; and many aspects of mechanical behaviour.Review papers on all aspects are particularly welcome and are a regular feature, and the editors reserve the right to invite specific reviews.For further information you can view the home page on The journal also publishes special issues with selected papers from important conferences.

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