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Flow Measurement and Instrumentation
Flow Meas Instrum

ISSN: 0955-5986.

Flow Measurement and Instrumentation is dedicated to disseminating the latest research results and related information on all aspects of flow measurement. The field has developed rapidly over the last two decades, with the application of new electronic techniques and as our understanding of the characteristics and design of transducers has advanced: FMI is the essential forum for critical information exchange, and contributions are particularly encouraged in the following areas of interest: Modelling: the application of mathematical and computational modelling to the interaction of fluid dynamics with flowmeters, including flowmeter behaviour, improved flowmeter design and installation problems. Application of CAD/CAE techniques to flowmeter modelling are eligible. Design and development: the detailed design of the flowmeter head and/or signal processing aspects of novel flowmeters. Emphasis is given to papers identifying new sensor configurations, multisensor flow measurement systems, non-intrusive flow metering techniques and the application of microelectronic techniques in smart or intelligent systems. Calibration techniques: including descriptions of new or existing calibration facilities and techniques, calibration data from different flowmeter types, and calibration intercomparison data from different laboratories. Installation effect data: dealing with the effects of non-ideal flow conditions on flowmeters. Papers combining a theoretical understanding of flowmeter behaviour with experimental work are particularly welcome. Multiphase behaviour: whether purpose-designed, or adapted from single-phase operation, coverage of systems for single-phase liquid and gas flows, multiphase flows having solid, liquid and gas phases, and slurries and pastes is equally welcome. Associated measurements and secondary instrumentation: for example, density, viscosity and secondary instrumentation effects. All contributions are subject to peer review, and additional features include: Review articles Case studies Letters to the editor Patent surveys Book reviews Calendar of events and conference reports Flow Measurement and Instrumentation is essential reading for instrumentation engineers in the oil, gas, power, chemical, food, water and waste treatment industries, manufacturers of flowmeters, and academics involved in research in this area.

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