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Journal of Materials Processing Technology
J Mater Process Tech

ISSN: 0924-0136.

The journal covers the processing techniques of metals and other traditional and advanced materials. The articles published focus mainly on the developments in, and the analysis of, equipment and processes. Through this approach the journal aims to contribute to increased production efficiency and improved component performance. Materials and techniques covered in the journal include: Materials: Metals, ceramics, fibre reinforced materials, composites and polymers. Processing Techniques: Sheet forming: blanking, piercing, pressing, deep drawing, spinning and flow turning, stretch forming, fluid and rubber forming, high-rate forming processes, welding, etc. Bulk forming: hot, warm and cold forging, rolling and extrusion, rotary forging, ring rolling, hydrostatic extrusion, conforming, net-shape manufacturing, etc. Powder forming: compaction, sintering, forging, extrusion, etc. Forming in the melt or near-melt condition: die casting, mushy-state forging, net-shape manufacturing, etc. Material-removal processes: cutting, grinding, ECM, EDM, etc. Non-traditional processes: shot peening and other impact-related processes, die-manufacturing processes, and laser processing, etc. Surface engineering: deposition, treatment and characterisation technologies. Simulation: Analytical and numerical methods applied to any of the above processing techniques. Relevant Areas of Materials Technology and Metallurgy: Thermomechanical treatments, annealing schedules, superplastic materials, etc. Including computer applications in all relevant areas, such as process modeling, computer-aided design of equipment, computer-integrated manufacturing, and the development of expert systems for materials processing. Environmental Issues: In addition to the above, environmental issues, in so far as they affect the choice of material or the selection or development of the processes employed: - the minimisation of sound pollution in the case of the forging industry; - health aspects in casting and heat treatment; - energy conservation in primary ingot production, bulk forging, extrusion, rolling, heat treatment and near net-shape manufacturing; - materials conservation. A special feature of the journal is the Industrial Summary wherein each article provides a summary of the industrial significance of the work and the industrial implications arising from the results of the work.

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