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Computer Standards & Interfaces
Comput Stand Interfac

ISSN: 0920-5489.

The quality of software, well-defined interfaces (hardware and software), the process of digitalisation, and accepted standards in these fields are essential for building and exploiting complex computing, communication, multimedia and measuring systems. Standards can simplify the design and construction of individual hardware and software components and help to ensure satisfactory interworking. COMPUTER STANDARDS & INTERFACES is an international journal dealing specifically with these topics. The journal: provides information about activities and progress on the definition of computer standards, software quality, interfaces and methods, at national, European and international levels publishes critical comments on standards and standards activities disseminates user's experiences and case studies in the application and exploitation of established or emerging standards, interfaces and methods offers a forum for discussion on actual projects, standards, interfaces and methods by recognised experts stimulates relevant research by providing a specialised refereed medium. COMPUTER STANDARDS & INTERFACES is concerned with the specification, development and application of standards and with high-level publications of developments and methods in the following areas: Standards, Information Management, Formal Methods - Computers, Processors, Storage, Operating systems, Languages, Databases, Graphics, Encryption, User interface, Multimedia, Office automation, Development of standards and instruments, Applications Software Quality, Software Process - Languages, Operating systems, Programming, Requirements specification, Design & implementation, Inspection & test, Maintenance, Product and process evaluation, Performance, Tools, Metrics, Embedded systems, Software in measurement and technical systems including real-time aspects, Development of International Standards in Software Engineering Distributed Systems, Open Systems - Digital interfaces, System and device buses, Fieldbuses, Data communication, Distributed computing, Protocols, Open systems interconnection, Local and wide area networks, Internet, Worldwide Web Hardware and Software for Digital Signal Processing - DSP for data converter, HW/SW-integrated DSP algorithms for signal acquisition, conditioning and measurement, DSP HW/SW for real-time multimedia, measurement and communication, Development system hardware, software, interfaces and standards Data Acquisition - Analog-to-digital conversion, Specification, Modelling, Industrial electronics, Real-time systems, Laboratory automation, Automatic measurement, Process control, Electromagnetic compatibility Digital Instruments Standardisation - Forum of EUPAS, European Project for ADC-based devices Standardisation (IMEKO TC-4 Working Group on A/D and D/A Converter Metrology), IEEE TC-10, IEC TC-42-WG8, IEC TC-85-WG16; Standardi-sation of specifications, modelling, testing, and analog and digital processing for digital instruments A commentary section (or forum section) is part of the journal's structure. The last issue of a volume includes an author index and a subject index. CS&I also covers general topics concerning the standardisation process, such as technical, political and commercial aspects of standards, their impact on the marketplace, cost/benefit analyses, legislative issues, and relationships among national and international standards bodies.

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