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Journal of X-Ray Science and Technology
J X Ray Sci Tech

Published/Hosted by IOS Press. ISSN (printed): 0895-3996. ISSN (electronic): 1095-9114.

The Journal of X-Ray Science and Technology is an international journal designed for the diverse community (biomedical, industrial and academic) of users and developers of novel x-ray imaging techniques. The purpose of the journal is to provide clear and full coverage of new developments and applications in the field. Areas such as x-ray microlithography, x-ray astronomy and medical x-ray imaging as well as new technologies arising from fields traditionally considered unrelated to x rays (semiconductor processing, accelerator technology, ionizing and non-ionizing medical diagnostic and therapeutic modalities, etc.) present opportunities for research that can meet new challenges as they arise. Research areas within the scope of the journal include: Interaction of x-rays with matter: x-ray phenomena, biological effects of radiation, radiation safety and optical constants; X-ray sources: x-rays from synchrotrons, x-ray lasers, plasmas, and other sources, conventional or unconventional; Optical elements: grazing incidence optics, multilayer mirrors, zone plates, gratings, other diffraction optics; Optical instruments: interferometers, spectrometers, microscopes, telescopes, microprobes; Detectors: CCD arrays, position-sensitive detectors, flat panel detectors and display devices, scintillators; Medical Imaging Modalities: Analog and digital radiography, X-ray computed tomography, radionuclide imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, optical and other medical imaging modalities; X-ray imaging techniques and signal processing: coded imaging, tomography, holography, medical image processing and computer aided diagnosis (CAD); Applications: analytical, nondestructive testing, microelectronics, biological/medical diagnosis and treatment, x-ray astronomy, materials and surface science; Related topics and future trends.

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