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Muslim Journal

ISSN: 0883-816X.

Muslim Journal is committed to disseminating unadulterated news to the reading public via its' independent newspaper that recognizes Islam as a Promoter of Freedom, Justice and Equality. We have inherited a standard of“excellence” dating back to 1827, when the first African American Newspaper, the Freedom’s Journal, was published, and the decisive newspaper, The North Star, published by Frederick Douglass, the ex-slave and abolitionist who became Ambassador to Haiti. Muslim Journal picked up the mantle passed on by Malcolm X, as he represented the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the creation of the Muhammad Speaks. Our masthead reads: Bringing Humanity Together With Truth And Understanding. Its' working mantra is to “Fill the Void” for our readers and in doing so allow them to “See The Full Picture!” We pride ourselves on producing the best quality paper that speaks not only to the physical and material realm, but also to the spiritual realm of the human soul. Never failing to print a week’s issue of this publication for the past 30 plus years, our staff is qualified and dedicated in making sure that your expression is heard and that our community news is disseminated, utilizing the new language and school of thought ushered in by Muslim leader, Imam W. Deen Mohammed. Our pledge to you – readers, advertisers and subscribers – is to stay the course! As Prophet Muhammed said, “Whenever the Muslim endeavors, he seeks to perfect it.” Following the Prophet, Muslim Journal combats the lingering effects of inferiority in our persons and in our work ethic and champions the spirit of a free and clean press.

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