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Journal of Intercultural Studies
J Intercult Stud

ISSN (printed): 0725-6868. ISSN (electronic): 1469-9540.

Internationalism is increasingly important. With the accelerated movement of peoples between nations, the case of global communications and the globalization of popular cultures, national boundaries are diminishing in significance in relation to the understanding of cultural, ethnic and linguistic issues. Countries like Australia, UK, USA and Canada with long histories of migration have scholarly traditions centred on issues of intercultural studies. Understanding and reconceptualizing notions of nationhood and citizenship as those interrelate with indigenous issues, migration and reimmigration, diasporic traditions and globalization are now of paramount significance. The role of language, culture, representation and gender as these relate to such issues provide opportunities for theoretical insights into such processes. Institutional practices related to education, law, medicine, the workplace, the media and new technologies also provide sites of analysis through which such processes can be read, interpreted and reinterpreted. At the same time, such concerns are placed increasingly at the forefront of research agendas in Europe and Asia where understandings of nationhood and citizenship have relationships with migration, colonialism and indigenous issues which grow out of varied and different historics. This fluidity and boundary crossing has its parallel within intellectual domains where interdisciplinary is becoming increasingly important. The distinctions between the studies of history, sociology, linguistics, feminism, politics and cultural studies for example, are becoming less obvious. In this context, intercultural studies and a journal which allows these issues to be reported and debated has a significant contribution to make. Journal of Intercultural Studies provides a means whereby international research related to intercultural studies can be showcased across national and disciplinary boundaries. It allows scholars to reflect on and debate their work as it intersects with understandings, as these develop out of a range of varied traditions and contexts. The journal will be published twice yearly. One issue each year will be thematic. This will allow a common issue to be examined from a range of disciplinary perspectives as these are reflected in a variety of countries. The other issue will remain open providing an opportunity for a wide range of timely contributions. Journal of Intercultural Studies is one of the few international and interdisciplinary journals which deal with intercultural studies and has a wide readership in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and increasingly Canada, USA and Asia. It contains peer-reviewed research, theoretical papers and book reviews. We look forward to publishing many, varied and excellent contributions which will allow the journal to sustain its quality.

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