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Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena
J Electron Spectros Relat Phenom

ISSN: 0368-2048.

The Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena publishes experimental, theoretical and applied work in the field of electron spectroscopy and all subjects relevant to electronic structure. Subject areas covered include: surfaces, interfaces, and thin films; semiconductor physics and chemistry; materials science including: metal surfaces, ceramics, high Tc superconductors, polymers, biomaterials and other organic films; catalysis; solid state physics; atomic and molecular physics; and synchrotron radiation science. The journal encourages contributions in the general area of atomic, molecular, ionic, and surface spectroscopy carried out using synchrotron radiation. Papers using photoemission and other techniques, in which synchrotron radiation is combined with electron velocity analysis are especially welcome. Target systems can be on free molecules, liquids, solids or surfaces. The individual techniques of electron spectroscopy include photoelectron spectroscopy of both outer and inner shells, both UV and X-ray induced; inverse photoemission; spin-polarised photoemission; Auger spectroscopy including ion neutralization studies; edge techniques (EXAFS, NEXAFS,...) spectro-microscopy, high resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy; electron scattering and resonance electron capture; electron spectroscopy in conjunction with microscopy; penning ionization spectroscopy including scanning tunneling spectroscopy; theoretical treatments of the photoemission, Auger, energy loss and Penning ionization processes. Contributions on instrumentation and technique development, date acquisition - analysis - quantification are also welcome.

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