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Expert Systems
Expet Syst

ISSN (printed): 0266-4720. ISSN (electronic): 1468-0394.

Expert Systems is a quarterly journal devoted to all aspects of artificial intelligence and advanced computing. The journal's readers include knowledge engineers artificial intelligence researchers project managers computer scientists and managers. It is written for those who need an international perspective on expert systems and neural networks whether as developer supplier or potential user. Expert Systems acts as a forum for the expert systems and neural networks community increasing awareness of what these technologies are and of the potential they have for decision-makers in industry business and government. The journal covers the development and use of advanced computing in areas: which humans find intellectually difficult and which involve expertise or specialised knowledge and which are the subject of continuing research or of interest to those implementing current systems. These criteria exclude most aspects of fields such as natural language processing and machine vision; although these are computationally difficult and the focus of much continuing research they are not considered intellectually difficult or the preserve of expertise among humans. They also exclude topics such as most types of mathematical calculation and statistics which humans find difficult but which are not a significant computational problem. These criteria form the focus for research into expert systems (also known as knowledge based systems and as knowledge systems) and related disciplines. These include: Expertise and related topics such as knowledge acquisition via elicitation or machine learning knowledge representation and human decision making. Software engineering for such systems and related topics such as neural nets genetic algorithms intelligent agents decision support systems and some aspects of intelligent user modelling. Case studies and analyses of successful and unsuccessful stystem use and factors affecting the acceptance of such systems. Please click here for the Expert Systems home page.

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