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New Oxford Review
New Oxf Rev

ISSN: 0149-4244.

The New Oxford Review is an orthodox, traditional Roman Catholic magazine, published under the patronage of St. Vincent Pallotti. We are a nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) status with the Internal Revenue Service. Published 11 times a year (monthly except for a combined July-August issue; 48 pages per issue), we have a paid circulation of over 17,000. The New Oxford Review is read on every continent in the world (with the exception of Antarctica). We were founded in 1977 as an Anglo-Catholic magazine in the Anglican tradition, taking our name from the 19th-century Oxford Movement. We immediately championed Pope John Paul II when he cracked down on dissenting theologian Hans Küng, although no leading Roman Catholic magazine was willing to do so. The novelty of Anglicans supporting the Pope attracted the attention of Newsweek, which did a story on us and predicted that we would, like John Henry Newman of Oxford Movement fame, become Roman Catholic, which we did in 1983. We've seen up close what happened to the Episcopal Church when the religious liberals took over. The middle management of the Catholic Church in the U.S. (and western Europe) is riddled with the same type of liberals. Could the Catholic Church go the way of the Episcopal Church and bow down before the Zeitgeist? We Catholics have faith that the Gates of Hell will never prevail against Christ's one true Church, but they could prevail in the U.S. and Europe, just as they prevailed long ago in North Africa. If we don't do our part, the Church could be swept away by the tides of history in the Western world. The New Oxford Review is not controlled by any bishop or religious order, so we're not obligated to repeat platitudes that all is just hunky-dory in the Church. Not part of the "clerical club," we are run by laymen who don't ignore reality, even though that reality can get dreadful and ugly. We don't dish out warm-fuzzies (opium, as Marx called it) to our readers; we prefer the unvarnished truth. If you want a Catholic magazine with "attitude," that doesn't pull any punches, if you're willing to roll up your sleeves to help save the Catholic Church in the Western world, then the New Oxford Review is for you. Join with the New Oxford Review in championing the cause of orthodox, traditional Catholicism!

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