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Geological Journal
Geol J

ISSN (printed): 0072-1050. ISSN (electronic): 1099-1034.

In recent years there has been a growth of specialist journals within geological sciences. Nevertheless there is an important role for a journal of an interdisciplinary kind. Traditionally Geological Journal has been such a journal and continues in its aim of promoting interest in all branches of the Geological Sciences through publication of original research papers and review articles. The Journal has a particular interest in publishing papers on regional case studies not only from the British Isles but from any global locality which have conclusions of general interest. Such papers may emphasize aspects across the full spectrum of geological sciences. Sedimentology - facies analysis regional sedimentary environments basin analysis process of sedimentation general palaeogeographic reconstruction diagenesis. Palaeontology - palaeontology biostratigraphy community palaeoecology functional morphology biogeography evolutionary palaeontology taphonomony ichnology. Structural Geology - strain analysis fabrics regional structural geology global tectonics experimental deformation folds faults brittle fracture. Geophysics - seismology gravity magnetics electrical electromagnetic bore-hole logging application of geophysics to crustal studies marine studies exploration engineering geology mantle studies. Geochemistry - stable and unstable isotope studies major and trace element studies genetic geochemical modelling fluid - rock interaction applied geochemistry. Metamorphic Geology - regional studies determination of T/P fluid composition crystallization paths history of burial and uplift of large metamorphic areas. Igneous Geology - regional studies of igneous provinces magma genesis magma composition magmatic product igneous centres petrological studies.

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