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ISSN: 0041-624X.

Ultrasonics is the only internationally established journal which covers the entire field of ultrasound research and technology and all its many applications. Ultrasonics contains a variety of sections to keep readers fully informed and up-to-date on the whole spectrum of research and development throughout the world. Papers are of exceptional quality and of relevance to both academia and industry.As well as top quality original research papers and review articles by world renowned experts, Ultrasonics also regularly features research notes, short communications, a calendar of forthcoming events and conference reports.The journal covers: Physics of ultrasound - Acousto-optics; Ultrasonic visualization; Ultrasonic imaging; Acousto-electric devices, SAW; Acoustic microscopy; Acoustic emission; Ultrasonic wave propagation; Application of lasers to ultrasonics; Sonochemistry; Physical acoustics (solids; liquids and gases); Material interactions, characterization and scatttering; Modelling of wave propagation and scattering. Non-linear ultrasound - Finite-amplitude ultrasonic waves; Parameters of non-linearity; Parametric arrays; Ultrasound cavitation and bubble dynamics; Ultrasonically produced streaming and radiation pressure. Medical, biological and chemical ultrasound - Ultrasonic characterization of biological media; Scattering and absorption in biological materials; Instrumentation; Diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical ultrasound: Sonochemistry. Underwater acoustics - Reflection, refraction, diffraction, interference, scattering and reverbration, radiation from objects vibrating under water; Underwater communication: sonars and hydrophones. High power sonics - Industrial processes utilizing high power sonics such as welding, wire drawing, filtering, drilling, cutting, cleaning, emulsification, atomization; Microstructure effects; Heat generation; Non-linear elastic waves in solids. Ultrasonic NDT Research - Defect location and characterization in metals, ceramics, and composites; Materials characterization; Fatigue damage: A-, B-, C- and P-scans; Continuous wave resonance; Guided wave modes: Instrumentation. Ultrasonic transducers and systems - New transducer principles, materials and contructions; Calibration; Amplifiers and attenuators; Ultrasonics in control applications; Robotics and automated ultrasonic systems.The journal of Ultrasonics also sponsors the conference series Ultrasonics International. Information about the next conference UI'01 can be found at:

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