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Solar System Research
Sol Syst Res

ISSN (printed): 0038-0946. ISSN (electronic): 1608-3423.

Solar System Research the English-language translation of Astronomicheskii Vestnik explores the bodies of the Solar System i.e. planets and their satellites asteroids comets meteoric matter and cosmic dust. Coverage focuses on the physics and dynamics of these bodies their origin and evolution and methods for investigating them. Papers in this outstanding bimonthly address topics such as Earth atmosphere physics planet cosmochemistry and issues of comparative planetology. Scientific review papers appear regularly as well as the results of original investigations notes on observational results communications on scientific meetings and new works concerning studies of solar system bodies. Solar System Research is the only journal from Russia (& former SU) dealing with the topics of planetary exploration including the results of original study obtained through ground based and/or space born observations and theoretical/computer modeling; In recent years the journal significantly expanded the scope of its interest through the involvement of new research fields such as planetary geology and cosmophysics planetary plasma physics and heliosphere atmospheric sciences and general problems in comparative planetology; The main priority of the Editorial Board is to ensure the high quality of every article published accomplished through the expertise of the referees involved in the peer reviewing process. Please also check

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