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Revue Roumaine des Sciences Techniques - Série de Mécanique Appliquée
Rev Roum Sci Tech Ser Mec Appl

ISSN: 0035-4074.

The journal Romanian Journal of Technical Sciences - Applied Mechanics (formerly Journal of Applied Mechanics) was founded in 1956 by the Section of Technical Sciences of the Romanian Academy. It appeared under its first name until 1963 and received the present name of Romanian Journal of Technical Sciences - Applied Mechanics in 1964. It is now published in one volume a year, consisting of 6 issues with a total average number of pages of 600. The journal publishes original papers of high scientific standard, preferably written in English, but also in French or German, in any area of applied mechanics. The topics cover: astronautics (optimisation of paths, computing of orbits or arcs of orbits, optimisation of interorbital transfer, synchronous orbits, astrorelativity, rarefied atmosphere flight, recovering in high density atmosphere, braking and atmospheric caption, of spatial vehicles); aeronautics (aerodynamics, flight theory, aeroelasticity, aerodynamics of internal combustion engines, aerothermodynamics of jet engines); fluid mechanics (dynamics of Newtonian and of non-newtonian fluids, dynamics of compressible fluids, flow of miscible fluids, flow of fluids through porous media); hydromechanics (hydraulics, hydraulic structures, hydraulic turbines and pumps); general mechanics (elasticity, plasticity, elastoplasticity, viscoelasticity, viscoplasticity, strength of materials, vibrations, stability); mechanical engineering (kinematics and dynamics of mechanisms, friction, wear, lubrication, modern methods for the analysis of machines, automation, study of surfaces, technology of solids); civil engineering (methods for the static and dynamic analysis of structures, study of heterogeneous materials, soil stability, modern methods of construction); measurement technique (electronic equipment for measuring mechanical quantities, use of ultrasonic waves and radioisotopes in technique). In addition to presenting research papers, Romanian Journal of Technical Sciences - Applied Mechanics publishes the proceedings of international conferences held in Romania, survey articles, excellent Ph. D. Theses and book reviews. The Editors will put strong emphasis on the originality and applicability of the results. All manuscripts are strictly refereed and only papers of high quality are accepted for publication. The journal is addressed to all specialists interested in modern developments of mechanics and applied mathematics in mechanics, and in using mathematical and experimental methods in research and technology. At present the journal has a number of 42 subscriptions and about 335 exchanges with journals of repute from all over the world.

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