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Monist, The

ISSN (printed): 0026-9662. ISSN (electronic): 2153-3601.

The Monist publishes thematic issues on particular philosophical topics and each issue is a collected anthology of continuing interest. It is one of the oldest academic journals in the world, and has achieved international recognition as one of leading philosophy journals in the English language. The Monist was established in 1890 as a quarterly journal of the philosophy of science, but it also published a wide range of work in other fields and provided regular overviews of philosophical activity in other countries. Over the next 40 years the journal helped professionalize philosophy as an academic discipline in the United States. Publication was suspended in 1936, and since its revival in 1962 the journal has published quarterly without interruption. Contributors have included Lewis White Beck, Daniel Dennett, John Dewey, Gottlob Frege, Hans-Georg Gadamer, David Hilbert, Jaakko Hintikka, Ted Honderich, Sidney Hook, C. I. Lewis, Ernst Mach, Martha Nussbaum, Charles S. Peirce, Hilary Putnam, W. V. Quine, Nicholas Rescher, Bertrand Russell, Peter Singer, and Gregory Vlastos.

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